Echo Spot Setup

Amazon Echo Spot use “the second generation far-field voice recognition” that allows you to watch videos flash briefings, check the weather forecast, shopping list, music lyrics, you can browse and listen to the audible audiobooks and much more.

All these tasks are handsfree, you just need to give a command. to perform these task, Echo Plus gets connected to Alexa which is a voice service(cloud-based) to play the music, set alarms, answer the queries and control the smart home devices Echo Spot gives you the personal assistance with the addition of a tiny screen which shows up the current status as well.

Echo App Dot

How to Set up Amazon Echo Spot?

Just like other Alexa enabled smart speaker, you can also use Echo Spot for controlling your Smart Home Devices. However, with a built-in camera and screen of Echo spot, you can watch the videos, have video chat with your friends and family.

Here a step by step guide for amazon echo spot setup:

Turn on the Echo Spot

Connect the Echo Spot with power outlet with adapter, once you turn on the power, the display of Echo Spot will light up the Amazon logo and then you will see the greeting from the Alexa.

Choose the language

For echo spot set up, you need to select the language, the options included are English( UK, US, India, Australia, Canada) and German.

Connect echo spot to wi-fi

To connect Echo Spot to Wifi, you will be prompted to get connected with your WIFI network. If prompt is not appearing on the screen, then from the top swipe down and choose the settings gear.

Sign in with an Amazon account

Now, the spot will ask you to login the Amazon account. If you do not have Amazon account, then create the new one to have Echo Spot setup.

Confirm the time zone

The spot will now display the timezone. Choose the right time zone and continue with right facing arrow.

Select the name of the device.

Now, give a name to your device, you can use the inbuilt keyboard for this.

Download the Alexa app

With Alexa app, you can customize the setting for the Echo Spot.  You can download the Alexa app from the app store.

Echo spot customization

In the app, click on menu button and choose the Alexa device and Echo Spot. Now, you can customize the location of your device, wake word, sounds and more. you can choose the “Do Not Disturb “ for disabling the notifications.

For connecting the additional smart home devices to your account, you can use the Alexa app. Make sure you connect echo spot to wifi.

Setup the Drop-In feature

With this feature, you can contact your Echo Spot’s friends. In Alexa App, you can enable and disable the feature as per the choice

Amazon Echo spot Support

Amazon Echo Spot is packed with many fascinating features which offer the better convenience to people as compared to the other amazon speakers. With this device, you can watch the videos. Check the weather forecast and shopping lists, have the video conversation with your family and friends.

For all this, you do not need to click on any button present on the device, as everything could be done in a hands-free manner with voice commands. With better technology, severe issues always come. There can be a number of issues from poor echo spot connecting problems to no response.

But you do not need to worry as you can always have Echo spot help by Echo Spot Support customer service. All you need is to call on the Amazon Echo spot number to get the right technical assistance for the problems you are encountering with Echo Spot.

Some common issues with Amazon Echo Spot are:

  • Issues with Echo Spot Setup.
  • Device not connecting with Echo Spot
  • Issues of Connecting Echo Spot to WIFI network.
  • Echo Spot not connecting to Bluetooth speakers.
  • Alexa Setup issues on Echo Spot.

Echo is an amazing device to use, but for effective use, it is important for you to make sure that Echo Spot has been set up in a  right way. If you are facing the issues with Echo Spot then you must contact Amazon Echo Spot Customer Service.