Echo show is a voice assistant gadget by Amazon. but now Alexa came up with the screen so users can play the videos, check out the event and much more. Amazon Echo Show enables the users to see and search for their results rather than just informing them through aloud voice message.

Amazon Echo Show is the first smart speaker which is armed with a screen. This speaker allows you to get a required information instantly and with a built-in camera, you can also make the video calls.

Amazon Echo Shows comes with 7 inch LCD touchscreen, having inbuilt Alexa support. the device supports 5 MP camera which offers the good clarity.

Echo App Dot

How to Set up Amazon Echo Show

  • For the Amazon Echo Show setup, you need to Plug in the cable which comes with the same box and connect it to the Echo Show. now it will boot and ask you to connect it with your WIFI network.
  • Connect the Echo Show to WIFI, Make use of the split screen keyboard for entering the WIFI password. You can easily add the password with your both hands using the split keyboard.
  • In the next step enter the email ID and Password of your Amazon account by using the on-screen keyboard. If you do not have Amazon account, then create the new one.
  • If you have enabled the two-factor authentication, then you require to the code generated by the authenticator app.
  • Confirm the time zone.
  • Agree with all terms and conditions of Alexa and tap to continue.
  • Before you continue, you need to download and install the updates, if there is any.
  • Once the updates are done, your Echo Show will reboot. After that, a short video will play instructions to use the device will be provided. Hence, your Echo show setup is completed
  • Once the video gets finished, you can see the home screen. From the top, swipe down to go home or to open the quick settings. Echo show can do a lot of things. Below are some commands which you can try out with the echo show.
  • After  Echo show setup, you can see the movie trailers on the screen.
  • With echo show, you can search the youtube videos and watch them. For example – if you want to play the second video, then you just need to give a command “Alexa play the second video” and echo show will play the chosen video for you.
  • While listening to the song, you can also read the lyrics on the screen with echo show.
  • If you have the security camera installed, then you can watch the live video from the camera in your Echo show.

With Echo Show, you can run the plenty of commands and also make the older commands of Alexa more useful. If you want to know about more things that you can do with your Echo Show, then check out the card you got with your device and say “Alexa, what can you do?”.

Amazon Echo Show Support

Echo show is one of the greatest inventions of Amazon which allow users to have visual experience with Alexa. With Echo Show, you can watch the videos, see to do list, show the list shop from Amazon, allow you to keep eye on your home security by keeping the eye on security cameras.

All you need is to give a command and echo will do it for you. Along with these advantages, there are many issues as well that you might face while using the Echo show. But with a right echo show support, you can tackle these issues.

 Common issues with Echo Show

  • WIFI registration gets fail.
  • Echo show setup issues.
  • How to turn off the light right.
  • Echo show is not working.
  • How to reboot the Echo show.
  • Buttons are not responding.
  • Modem and router issues.
  • Faulty screen.
  • Restart issues.
  • Connect echo show to wifi issues.
  • Echo show won’t turn on
  • Echo show not responding

The above-mentioned issues might interrupt your experience of using Echo Show. Thus you definitely require a technical guidance to mitigate the issues. So, if your echo show is not working then get echo show customer service now.

For this, you can call us on the numbers. Our experienced technicians are always available to provide you amazon echo show help. Call us now and get the amazon echo show support for your echo show problems.