Amazon Echo Plus Setup?

Echo Plus is a Hands-free speaker which can be controlled with your voice and a simple way to start with your smart home. Echo plus is built in  “Zigbee Smart Home Hub” that allows you to have a direct and simple setup of compatible Zigbee lights, plugs, locks and the inwall switched from the brands like GE, Philips Hue, and yale for this, you do not require any additional hub.

You can connect the Echo Plus speaker to Alexa which is cloud-based voice service to make calls, play music, set alarms, provide news, weather forecast and many other supported features.

Start with your Echo Plus by placing your device at the central location in your home( there must be at least 8 to 10 cm of difference between the device and walls and 6 feet from the WIFI router).

Echo App Dot

For Amazon echo plus setup, download the Alexa app and sign in

Alexa app will help you to set up the devices, manage your shopping lists, alarms and offer many other useful features. The Alexa app is available for tablets and smartphones with:

  • OS 9.0 or higher.

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher

  • Android 5.0 or higher

For downloading the Alexa app, visit the supported app store on your device and search “Alexa App”, select the application and download it.

Turn on the Echo Plus

Connect the Echo Plus setup with power adapter and then turn on the adapter. The light ring present on the Echo Plus will turn blue and after that orange. When the light ring will turn to orange, Alexa will greet you.

Connect Echo Plus to WIFI Network

Follow the guidelines to connect Echo Plus to WIFI Network . to know more, you can go to “connect echo device to WIFi”.

  • Important

If your echo device is not getting connected to the WIFI network, then unplug the device and plug it to the power outlet to restart. if you still facing the issues, the reset the Echo Plus to factory settings and again set it up. To know more “Restart Your Echo Plus”.

Talk to Alexa

Now, you can use the Echo device. To start with it, say the “Wake Word”  and speak to Alexa naturally. By default, your echo device is set to respond back to the wake word “Alexa”, but you can make the changes anytime you want.

For changing the wake word, you can give a command “change wake word”. You can also make the modifications in Alexa app by choosing Alexa device from the menu. Select the Echo device and choose the wake word.

OptionalSelect the Echo Plus with an external speaker.

Though your Echo Plus has a speaker, you can also connect the external speaker, depending upon your choice. Connect the speaker with an audio cable or by Bluetooth.

Amazon Echo Plus Support

Amazon Echo Plus is a smart speaker which works with the internet connection and process the commands through “Alexa” which is an inbuilt software. It works as a human-like assistance. with this speaker, you can control the same home devices through a voice command.

Echo Plus accept the commands given by you and fulfill them.  With so many smart features, there are also certain issues with the Echo plus. but, you can fix those issues with echo plus customer service.

Some common issues that you might face while using the Echo plus are mentioned below:

  • Echo Plus not connecting to the WIFI.
  • Bluetooth connectivity errors.
  • Alexa is not understanding the commands.
  • Echo Plus is unable to get connect with smart home cameras.
  • Problems to set up Echo plus.
  • Live streaming issues.
  • Echo plus mic issues.

The users might encounter the above-mentioned issues while using the Echo Plus. Mostly the users face the connectivity issues that “Echo Plus is not connecting to wifi“, the reason could be device incomplete setup.

To resolve these issues, you can get a help from the echo plus support team which include the qualified professionals and experienced technicians who will provide you with the right solution to the problem.

To get the Amazon echo plus help, you can contact the team members anytime in a day as services are available 24/7. Our expert will not only deal with your problems with patience but also provide you with the right solution with long-lasting satisfaction. so, if the echo plus not connecting or having any other issue related echo plus setup, call us now.