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Alexa Not Working

Alexa Not Working Alexa has changed the lives of many people by providing them with better ease and comfort in performing different tasks. Alexa is not only helpful but also provides you with a good source of entertainment. There are a number of things that Alexa can do for you. You can ask Alexa anything related to news or weather and Alexa will update you.  If you have the smart home appliances like Nest smart thermostat or the smart bulbs, [...]

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Echo Dot Registration Failure

Echo Dot Registration Failure Error The issue of registration failure is very common with Amazon echo dot, the user is not able to register the software application or device to the Amazon Account. But, you do not need to worry as we will help you to detect the error (Echo Dot Registration Failure) and provide the effective solution. The Reason Behind Echo Dot Registration Failure is: Echo device is defective. Echo device is reported stolen and lost. Amazon has shipped the product having a [...]

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Setup Alexa App For Windows 7

If you are using the Amazon device, then you definitely heard the name “Alexa”. Yes! It is the name that you call out when you want to ask any question. Alexa is the virtual assistant for Amazon, a female voice who helps with the number of things. You can perform the number of tasks through Alexa voice assistant like playing the songs, handling smart home gadgets, lock the doors, adjustment of the thermostat, managing the shopping list, booking uber and [...]

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