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    Alexa app for Echo

    Got your new Amazon Echo device and want to set it up? For doing this, you need to download the Alexa app for Echo and after that, you can operate the Echo and other connected smart devices with your voice input. In this guide, we will be sharing the simple instructions with you which allow you to download and install the Alexa App for Echo device. So, get the app downloaded today and make the best use of your smart speaker.

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    Requirement For Alexa app for Windows 10

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    Features Supported by Alexa App for Echo

    Using the Amazon Alexa app, you can send voice messages and enjoy the hands-free calling experience. The app allows you to make calls on any number ( mobile or landline).  The Echo right lights turn to green in color when the user places any call and yellow when the call is answered.

    If you have the Echo Spot or Echo Show device, you can also place voice calls to your family and friends.

    If you want to sit relax and read books, then the Alexa app could be your closest companion. Alexa will read books for you and let you enjoy the hassle-free experience in exploring the book content.

    Alexa reading booksAmazon Echo supports the Multi room audio which allows the users to play audios on the different Echo Speakers. So, enjoy the experience of playing the music in different speakers with Amazon Echo Alexa. 
    Alexa playing latest SongYou can use voice input to play music through the Alexa app for Echo.  If you do not have the internet at the moment, you can also use your Echo device as a Bluetooth speaker to play music.

    How to Download the Alexa app for Echo?

    You can get Alexa app echo download from the Amazon store, or the Apple store or the Google Play Store, depending upon your operating system.  If you want, you can also download the application from After downloading the app, you can sign in to using your Amazon login credentials and use it to perform the different tasks.

    Below we are going to share some simple guidelines for Echo App download and Setup on your device:

    • Open any web browser on your device and visit the link.

    • Now, click on the ‘login’ option to log in here. In case you do not have an Amazon account, you need to create one at this moment.

     Note: Without Amazon login credentials, you can not use the Alexa app.

    • Plugin your Amazon Echo device and turn it on.

    • Now, wait until the light ring on your Echo device turns to the orange.

    • Press and hold the ‘Action’ button present on your Echo device for a while.

    • Go to the web applications and open the Settings.

    • Select your Echo device and complete the setup.

    • In this step, you are supposed to connect the Amazon Echo device to the wireless network. Make a successful connection now.

    • Choose the wireless network in web applications. Type the username and password.

    • Tap to connect.

    • Choose your language and add it to Amazon Alexa.

    Now the Alexa is all ready to answer your questions and execute your tasks. With this, your Echo App download and setup is complete. You can ask Alexa about the news updates, weather forecast, play music and do a lot more other stuff. 

    Hopefully, these simple guidelines will help you to download and set up the Alexa app for Echo. All the mentioned guidelines are simple and easy to follow. In case, you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to contact the professionals and seek their advice to clear the queries.